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What is Structured Cabling?

There are two primary ways to approach cabling: structured and conventional.

Conventional cabling is when pieces of hardware are connected to each other in a point-to-point fashion. In other words, if two racks need to communicate with one another, a cord runs between them directly.

Structured cabling is when racks are connected to each other with use of a MDA (main distribution area). Instead of connecting to each other directly, racks connect to the MDA, and the MDA serves as an intermediary between the two racks. In larger systems, an MDA may serve as an intermediary between dozens or hundreds of standalone racks.

In other words, structured cabling is an organized approach to wiring your hardware. Rather than connecting everything together directly, a number of smaller standardized elements are added into the system to make everything more efficient.

The Importance of Structured Cabling

In 2020 and beyond, more and more companies are making use of voice, audio, and general data transfer within their organizations. All of these aspects of business rely on communications between hardware. Structured cabling optimizes communications between hardware and allows for greater business efficiency.

You can consider structured cabling to be the bedrock upon which your organization is built. Using a structured approach to data transfer can lead to an 80% increase in network efficiency because actions are carried out in a more organized way. No matter how much hardware your business has in its possession, structured cabling is always a better choice than conventional (point-to-point) cabling is.

Why Hire a Structured Data Solutions Company?

Maximum Uptime. Hardware systems are not static. As a growing business, you will encounter the need to add more hardware to your system from time to time. With an organized structured cabling infrastructure in place, adding new hardware is a breeze. The system is minimally affected and less time is spent on adding and upgrading hardware.

Fewer problems. Point-to-point cabling is a mess. Attempting to track and trace cables that are organized in such a sloppy fashion can lead to errors. Should a technician unplug the wrong cable accidentally, the entire system can be affected. And should an error occur, tracing the error is often quite difficult due to the chaos of a point-to-point cabling system. Structured data IT solutions help prevent problems before they happen, and if something does go wrong, structured data IT solutions allow you to pinpoint and solve the problem in an expedited fashion.

Reduced Footprint. A structured cabling company will install a system that is smaller and more compact. Technicians may use trunk cabling with less diameter, which decreases the chances of common problems like blocked airflow and crushed cables. Especially in larger systems, the impact of the reduced footprint of structured cabling can be felt every day.

Increased Scalability. Think of structured cabling systems as a layered system. In a layered system, adding a new layer when you plan to scale your business operations is easy. However, with a point-by-point approach to cabling, nothing is layered. As your business grows, cabling becomes messier and messier until problems inevitably start to spring up. Investing in structured cabling from the start eliminates inevitable problems down the line.

Return on Investment. A structured data cabling company can help you improve ROI throughout every step of the process. Immediately, a structured data cabling company will help reduce energy requirements, thus reducing monthly expenditures. Down the line, as hardware needs to be replaced, structured cabling systems make the process as quick and hassle-free as possible. In the everyday, a structured cabling system drastically reduces the possibility of network failure (network failure may lead to non-acute loss of ROI by affecting other business processes).

Direct Benefits of Structured Cabling

Cost reduction. Once installed, structured cabling saves your business money at every step of the process. In many cases, structured cabling is faster and easier to install than point-by-point cabling is.

Easy Transitions, Updates, and Expansions. When your business needs to make a change, you already possess the organized infrastructure needed to make the change as seamless as possible, with as little impact to everyday business operations as possible.

Multi-Vendor Equipment Support. By using MDAs, you have the opportunity to use equipment from various vendors and still get the job done.

Streamlined Troubleshooting. If something goes wrong, a technician can quickly pinpoint the root of the problem. Structured cabling can save hours of time for your employees, allowing them to work on the tasks that matter most.

Reduces Cabling Bulk & Congestion. As more and more cables are added, space becomes more and more valuable. With structured cabling, technicians can use smaller cables, and those cables take up less room in whatever area the hardware is stored in.

Reduces Overall Installation Time. A structured cabling system is both easier to install and easier to update. Whether you are installing a cabling system for the first time or adding to your existing cabling system, a structured solution always means faster results.

Improves Aesthetics. Looks matter! A structured cabling system looks like a state-of-the-art system straight out of a science fiction movie. Cables are run through the ceiling or the floor to reduce clutter. A point-by-point cabling system looks like something a hobbyist threw together in his garage.

What Types of Businesses Need Structured Cabling?

Does your business require the facilitation of transferring of data? If yes, then your business needs structured cabling. Structured cabling can be used in almost any industry. Optimization is certainly not limited to just office buildings.

In particular, Clear Communications helps install structured cabling systems for manufacturing plants, educational institutions, medical facilities, and more. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your category of business in particular. As a commercial structured cabling company, we can assist almost any business that requires a structured cabling system.

Potential Costs

Once you contact us to get a quote, we’ll analyze your existing infrastructure to provide a quote. Things we will consider include...

  • The architectural structure of the building which houses the cabling installation
  • The cable and connection product(s) used
  • The function of the cabling currently installation
  • The types of equipment the current cabling installation will support (present and future)
  • The configuration of an existing installed system (upgrades, retrofits, etc.)
  • Specific customer requirements
  • Manufacturer warranties on existing components

Why Clear Communications?

Since 1999, Clear Communications has been serving Maryland to help businesses become faster, more efficient, and more profitable. Our team of trained professionals is second to none and can assist with every step of the structured cabling process. Should you have questions, our technicians will be able to answer them in full.

Our goal is always efficiency, which is why we offer turn-key structured cabling solutions for businesses of all types. Contact us today to learn more about our turn-key solutions and how we can get your business up and running with a structured cabling system quickly. The goal is always to provide the client with the perfect structured cabling system at the lowest price possible.

Once your structured cabling system is in place, trust Clear Communications to provide all necessary maintenance for the system to keep things running smoothly. From start to finish, Clear Communications provides a hassle-free and affordable experience for your business in regards to the complexities of cabling systems.

Send us a message or call (301) 495-8989 to speak with a qualified representative and get a quote on a new structured cabling system now.

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